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New international website about Folkekirken

More and more migrants in Denmark are asking about Folkekirken. Now they can find information and more on our new English website

Abel from Eritrea is active in Kingoskirken Church in Copenhagen. With the new website people with non-Danish background can learn more about The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark and find a local church community. Photo: Christoffer Fryd. 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark commonly known as Folkekirken, is a very important part of Danish society and is present everywhere in the country. 75% of the population are members. However, if you don’t know much about folkekirken, you might have quite a few questions especially if you’re new to Denmark. Due to a growing interest in the church from tourists, expats and migrants, folkekirken is launching a new English website -

The website is full of information and facts about folkekirken, for example its history, rituals, creed and advice for people who want to use the church services for weddings, mass or other activities. is also an open door for anyone who wants to learn more, search for, or find a fellowship in folkekirken.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is focusing on outreach to residents with a non-Danish background, to include them in the congregations of folkekirken. The website is a part of that process and focus.

”It’s wonderful that folkekirken is now getting a website in English” says Mogens Mogensen, Chairman of Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.

”This way folkekirken signals that the church is also for the residents who don’t speak Danish (yet). In a globalised climate we must give interested internationals an opportunity to find information about the Danish church in a language that most understand,” Mogens Mogensen concludes.

For more information, contact:

Christian Arffmann, communications officer in Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, telephone: +45 29911324, email: ca(at)

Anne Katrine Ebbesen, koordinator i Folkekirkens Migrantsamarbejde, telefon: +45 29746881, email: ake(at)