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Danish Bishop Elected as President of the Lutheran World Federation

For the first time, a Dane will lead the Lutheran World Federation. Bishop of the Viborg Diocese, Henrik Stubkjær, was elected as the president at the Thirteenth assembly and will be involved in setting the direction for 77 million Lutheran Christians worldwide.

Henrik Stubkjær. Foto: LVF/Marie Renaux

Henrik Stubkjær, the Bishop of the Viborg Diocese, has become the first Dane ever to be chosen as the president of the Lutheran World Federation. This occurred on Saturday 16th of September during a general assembly in Krakow.

The Lutheran World Federation is a union of 149 Lutheran churches worldwide, and as the newly elected president, Henrik Stubkjær will be at the helm of 77 million Christians.

"I am overwhelmed with emotion. Firstly, humility towards the task I am now taking on. I know it's a significant task, but at the same time, there is a strong desire to get started," says Henrik Stubkjær.

The Lutheran World Federation engages in humanitarian work and focuses on mission, human rights, church development, and theological education. As president, Henrik Stubkjær will work towards aligning words and actions within the church.

"At the same time, I will work to strengthen our community across the world and ensure that everyone has a voice. The Lutheran World Federation and the voice we, as a church, have in a rapidly changing society are needed," he says.

Words from the Danish Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs

Community Across the World The Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Louise Schack Elholm, looks forward to having a Danish bishop leading the federation.

"As the Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, I can only be proud that a Danish bishop will now lead 77 million Lutheran Christians worldwide. I know Henrik Stubkjær as a dedicated and capable individual and I believe he will be a significant voice in international Lutheran church cooperation."

Henrik Stubkjær will continue as Bishop of the Diocese of Viborg

Continuing as Bishop in Viborg Henrik Stubkjær will continue in his role as the Bishop of the Diocese of Viborg and sees significant opportunities for Denmark now having a president for the Lutheran World Federation.

"I hope, believe, and know that we will be able to draw a lot of inspiration from the Lutheran World Federation. I also hope that it will show that our church is a global church," he says.

Henrik Stubkjær has been a member of the Lutheran World Federation's board since 2017 and has been elected as president for a seven-year term.