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Drop-in weddings: Tie the knot in only 15-30 minutes!  

Multiple churches across the country have allocated specific days to host drop-in weddings. 


A drop-in wedding is a stripped-down version of the regular wedding ritual. The ceremony thus follows the same liturgy, the only exception being an exclusion of the personalized speech from the priest to the specific couple. The entire ceremony lasts around 15-30 minutes, and the church usually offers a glass of champagne to celebrate the big day afterwards. 

A drop-in wedding is an easy and inexpensive way for couples who want a traditional church wedding but want to avoid the process of planning, spending a lot of money or want a more traditional venue than the local city hall. 

A couple in Jutland who chose a drop-in wedding states: “Initially, we thought we wanted an ordinary church wedding, but we didn’t want to spend much money, and we didn’t want the pressure of expectations regarding the number of guests or expensive clothes. When we saw the offer of drop-in weddings, we knew it was the right way for us to get married in a more sustainable fashion. The ceremony was beautiful and solemn, and we left with the blessing and the Christian message in our hearts.” (Quoted from this article)

A popular date and a popular venue 

On the 22nd of February 2022, the number of couples who were married at a drop-in wedding was significantly high. The reason being that this specific date follows a palindromic structure, which means, that the numbers appear in the same order whether you read it forwards or backwards, thus making it extraordinarily special – and easy to remember. The next palindromic date is the 3rd of February 2030. 

A popular venue for drop-weddings is on the church ship in Sydhavn Parish in Copenhagen. Here, you can get married in beautiful scenic surroundings, and on Saturday the 11th of June between 2 and 5 pm, the parish will be hosting drop-in weddings on the ship. So, this is your sign to grab your significant other’s hand, drop by the ship, and get hitched in time for dinner.

Need-to-know about drop-in weddings

  • One of the two future spouses must be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark 
  • Both of the two future spouses must be at least 18 years old 
  • If you are a foreigner and want to get married in Denmark, special rules apply. Contact the Family Court to learn more.
  • Please note that it is not possible to change your name at the drop-in wedding. But you can change your name for free up to three months after the wedding date. Read more at


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