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Nordic Churches Discuss Societal Challenges in Relation to Baptism: Join 4 New Webinars Discussing the Subject This Fall

In the Spring of 2021, Churches in Times of Change held five webinars dealing with statistics, empirical and qualitative research on baptism, rituals and practice, communication and campaigns, and theological development. This Fall, the four new webinars will function as a continuation of Churches in Times of Change’s ongoing project on baptism in the Nordic region

The first webinar will take place on September 7, and the subject will be baptism after corona. This webinar focuses on the current and impending questions that the pandemic has created, such as what should the strategy of the churches regarding baptism be in the aftermath of corona? And which lasting consequences will corona have for baptism in the Nordic folk churches?

The second webinar will be held on September 23, and it deals with the subject of baptism and religious pluralism, as the Nordic folk finds themselves in an increasingly pluralistic situation regarding religion and world views. The situation challenges the churches’ practices and interpretations of baptism in a profound way.

The third webinar is on October 12, and it deals with drop-in baptisms and the experiences and research related to this. The webinar will also focus on dilemmas and challenges that arises from this practice, including the educational aspect of how we can secure that baptism is prepared or followed up by sufficient instruction in the Christian faith.

The last webinar will be on November 24, and it focuses on baptism and eco-theology and the question of how baptismal theology and practice might contribute to the development of an eco-theology. The webinar also focuses on the opposite question of how a renewed eco-theological consciousness might contribute to the understanding of baptism.


All webinars are from 1-3 PM, they are free, and everyone is welcome to join. Read more in the program here.

You can find the link for registration here.


Churches in Times of Change

Churches in Times of Change is a Nordic initiative that focuses on changes in ecclesial practice and theology in the Nordic region, as the situation for the churches is comparable theologically, historically, and sociologically. Thus, Churches in Times of Change is an ecumenical cooperation between the Nordic folk churches and their work aims at a realization of the common Lutheran identity. 


Currently, Churches in Times of Change focuses on a project about baptism in the Nordic churches in which they document the development of baptismal practice and theology in the folk churches in Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Denmark as well as study existing research, initiatives, and practices related to baptism in the Nordic churches.


Due to falling numbers, much attention has been given to baptism in recent years, and thus the webinars are a continuation of the conversation about the challengers that the Nordic societies face which influence the number of baptisms.