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Chat with a priest: A new initiative focusing on online pastoral care is now available in English 

The digital chat service ‘Sjælesorg på Nettet’ has now made pastoral conversations available for non-Danish speakers. One of the focal points in the initiative is to aid those affected by the situation in Ukraine, says Pernille Hornum, head of Sjælesorg på Nettet.


It is no longer a prerequisite to be able to speak Danish in order to use the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark’s offer of a confidential and anonymous chat with a priest online.

The digital chat service Sjælesorg på Nettet (in English: Pastoral Care Online) has made digital pastoral care conversations available in English. The initiative is for everyone but a special focus on those affected by the current situation in Ukraine is maintained. English speakers – both residents and people outside the Danish borders – can chat with a priest on www.sjæ

“We have had many confidants who expressed their anxiety in connection with the invasion”, says Pernille Hornum, head of the chat service.

“It is important for us as a national church to be able to offer refugees, relatives and others the opportunity to chat in English from their digital tablet”, she continues. 

The pastoral care conversations are free, and everyone can log on to sjæ during opening hours and chat with a priest in Danish or English about the difficult things that weighs heavily on the mind. 

Sjælesorg på nettet

In English: Pastoral Care Online


Pastoral care means caring for the soul and is a confidential conversation with a pastor.


Pastoral Care Online is a free chat service. Here you can get a confidential conversation with a pastoral career about issues that concern you. is supported by the joint fond of the Lutheran Church and the 10 dioceses in Denmark.


Read more about pastoral care here or in this pdf-document


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Monday-Thursday: 12-22

Sunday: 19-22


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