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Churches can fill their pews without one-metre rule

The restrictions on churches will be lifted. From 14th of August, there are no longer social distancing requirements

Good news: Churches can fill their pews without the requirement of a one-metre distance between churchgoers. The photo is from an ecumenical service in Aalborg. Photo: Christian Roar Pedersen. 

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs has updated their covid guidelines which means that restrictions on churches will be lifted on August 14th

From Saturday August 14th there will no longer be any requirement for social distancing for a sitting audience. This means, that you no longer have to keep an empty chair between churchgoers or a meter’s distance. It also means that the room size requirement has been lifted, so there’s no longer a need for 2 square metres pr person. 

The Danish Health Authorities still urge people to practice social distancing, when necessary, but from August 14th there will be no legal requirements. 

The only limits on capacity will be for events with more than 500 participants. You can read more about that in this link (In Danish) or call this hotline: +45 22 76 51 16.