Fortsæt til hovedindholdet
Churches in times of change

Background and aim of project

In the last years, the Nordic folk churches have experienced decline in the number of baptisms, in absolute numbers, as well as relative to the number of newborns. This reflects the weakened role of infant baptism as a general rite de passage as well as the changed situation of the Lutheran majority churches in the Nordic societies. At the same time there has been an increase in baptisms of youth and adults. 

This development has led to interest in the role of baptism, both from researchers within theology and social sciences and from the churches. Churches and congregations have developed strategies and new practices in response to the decline. Questions of baptismal theology and practice are not isolated areas but are closely connected to other central issues for the life of the churches and their role in society, including issues like Eucharist, rituals and liturgy, faith instruction, the role of lay people, ecclesiology, etc.

The aim of the baptism pilot project is to contribute to reflection and learning processes in the churches regarding the role of baptism in the churches’ self-understanding and practices. It connects academia, church leadership, and congregations across national borders, contributing to theological reflection, congregational development and best practices related to the area of baptismal theology and practice.