Debate about upcoming law on translation of sermons

A proposal from the Danish government about translation of religious sermons to danish has gained criticism from pastors, bishops and lawyers… Læs mere

Nordic churches tackle baptism in a changing society

Baptism rates are steadily declining in all Nordic countries. How do the churches respond? The churches are taking a closer look at baptism in times of change in a new Nordic initiative… Læs mere

Church life in the shadow of Covid-19

Churches are open - with certain restrictions… Læs mere

The Danish Church declares its support for Lebanon

The Danish bishops have sent a letter of solidarity to the churches in Lebanon after the explosion in the country’s capital Beirut. Read about how you can support the hard-hit city below… Læs mere

Bishops engage in debate about circumcision ban

Prohibiting circumcision would be a blow to the freedom of religion in Denmark, say bishops… Læs mere

German pastor preaching about borders at State Opening of Parliament

"Things are never black or white in the border region," says German-born pastor Eva-Maria Schulz, drawing praise for her personal sermon at the Parliament opening service about borders and the relationship between Germany and Denmark… Læs mere

Elections to the parish councils now more "transparent and democratic"

A new election system was recently tested as 12400 members were newly appointed or re-elected. A success, say most parish councils… Læs mere

Conceptual divide between churches and politicians

Should Christian faith be public or private? That is an important ongoing debate between politicians and church representatives in Denmark… Læs mere

"I will never forget this Easter"

"I think the very loss we will be experiencing this year can show us the strength of community and the gatherings where we celebrate Christmas, Easter and Pentecost," says Bishop Peter Skov-Jakobsen, diocese of Copenhagen… Læs mere

No, the the word "Israel" is not omitted from The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020

Fake news is circulating online about the new Danish Bible Translation. Read here to get your facts straight… Læs mere

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