New Report on Ukraine Efforts by Folkekirken: Largest Social Mobilization Since the Second World War

Eight out of ten churches have held church events for peace in Ukraine. There is great support for Ukrainians in the church, a new report shows.… Læs mere

The Faroese church wishes for closer relation to the Danish church 

While partaking in visiting the Faroe Islands, the Council on International Relations of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark agreed to further strengthen the relationship with the Faroese church. … Læs mere

Emergency Contingency Plan in The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark 

The emergency contingency plan has been drawn up in collaboration between the bishops, the Association of Priests, the Association of Provosts, a representative of the church officials and the National Association of Parish Councils.… Læs mere

Visiting the Pope

The Lutheran-Catholic conversation group has been on a study trip to The Vatican.… Læs mere

"When are we willing to share the wealth that we have with others?"

Representatives from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland attended the WCC Assembly in Karlsruhe August 31st - 8th of September 2022 with our Christian brothers and sisters from all around the world. … Læs mere

Lutheran Theologians calling for a Break with Luther  

In a new book, Danish Lutheran theologians state that the medieval theology of Luther is out of step with the times and with faith in the 21st Century… Læs mere

Unity and reconciliation in the border region

Danish and German churches spoke about peaceful coexistence and cooperation at World Council of Churches' Assembly in Karlsruhe… Læs mere

New Bishop in the Diocese of Roskilde

Ulla Thorbjørn Hansen (b. 1966), former dean in Slagelse deanery, was elected on the 15th of June as the first female bishop in the diocese of Roskilde in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. She is the 65th bishop in Roskilde Diocese.… Læs mere

How do we talk about faith in Denmark? – presentation by Naser Rezaeih

In Denmark you can be religious without having to shout out your faith, said Naser Rezaeih at a conference for migrant priests last weekend in Middelfart. The presentation was addressed to migrant priests and church leaders, and it concerned how we talk about faith in Denmark.… Læs mere

Democracy is only real, when it is based on a true conversation

Democracy is not merely a form of governing, but it is a lifestyle and a mindset that each generation must be brought up with, according to "What is democracy?", a book by the late Danish theologian and politician Hal Koch, which has just been translated into English … Læs mere

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