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A Church in Copenhagen Caught on Fire  

Monday night a fire broke out in Hyltebjerg Church in Copenhagen. The rescue work went on all night but unfortunately the building has suffered extensive damage… Læs mere

Chat with a priest: A new initiative focusing on online pastoral care is now available in English 

The digital chat service ‘Sjælesorg på Nettet’ has now made pastoral conversations available for non-Danish speakers. One of the focal points in the initiative is to aid those affected by the situation in Ukraine, says Pernille Hornum, head of Sjælesorg på Nettet.… Læs mere

Employees in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark bring work environment issues into focus 

The issues have led to the establishment of a whistleblower unit and a permanent unit focused on resolving conflicts… Læs mere

Prayers for Ukraine fill the Danish churches 

As Russia attacks Ukraine with tanks and missiles, prayers of intercession fill the Danish churches… Læs mere

The lowest number of membership withdrawals recorded in 15 years 

This is the fourth year in a row in which the number of memberships in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark has decreased. 2021 marks the lowest number of withdrawals in 15 years. The corona pandemic is part of the explanation, according to expert … Læs mere

The Danish society has reopened  

Will social life resume in the churches? … Læs mere

Learning points on baptism in times of change

Recommendations look at four aspects of the baptismal landscape: Statistics and societal change, theologies of baptism, communicating baptism and the baptismal practice… Læs mere

Recommendations on baptism in the Nordic Lutheran churches

Responding to the challenges of pluralistic and multifaith society and the changing landscape of baptism are the focus of recommendations to the Lutheran folk churches from a joint Nordic consultation project on baptism… Læs mere

"One should push love, not religion"

How can the church welcome Afghan refugees into the church community? Coordinator of Farsi-speaking people in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, Naser Rezaeih, answers this question … Læs mere

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