The church has been caught in a lockout

Labor conflict was close to resulting in a large-scale national lockout… Læs mere

Danish churches defend freedom of religion and belief

Freedom of religion and belief is increasingly becoming a subject of conversation in Danish churches… Læs mere

Church membership is mostly declining in larger cities

New report about church statistics… Læs mere

ELCD has become prime time entertainment

New drama series about the church sparks broader discussion about faith and Christianity… Læs mere

ELCD and Methodist Church sign a historic agreement

ELCD and the Methodist Church celebrate their strong ecumenical relationship… Læs mere

Christmas service becomes hot political topic

Town is divided: Should school kids attend Christmas service?… Læs mere

Increasing number of students seek help from student chaplains

Exclusive interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury

The identity of the Church is found in Jesus Christ and nowhere else. All other identities are contingent, says Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby … Læs mere

Growing number of migrants and refugees are joining the church

Refugees state that an important incentive to join ELCD is to feel part of the social and national community… Læs mere

New bill concerning faith-based communities

Government is expected to present a new bill proposal this autumn… Læs mere

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