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Who we are

Who we are 

Danish Migrant Network is a national resource center for the Danish church, working towards a more inclusive Danish Church.

We are a branch of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmarks's Interchurch Council - a council that is responsible for the Danish church's contact with other Christian denominations in Denmark and abroad.

Membership of the Danish Church is at a steady but slowly declining 75% of the entire population. However, of the approx. 445,000 people who are not members of the national church, 60% of them are migrants, immigrants and descendants. This is despite the fact many of them are Christians, even many immigrants from Muslim countries. This is where our work comes in. We believe the Danish Church is for all people living in Denmark - including those with different national backgrounds.

Our vision is what we call “the New Danish church”, and the goal is ...

... making the Danish church more open, accessible, and representative of migrants and immigrants.


All immigrants and descendants should be able to feel at home in the Danish church. We see immigrants as citizens with significant resources and potential that can greatly contribute to and benefit the church and the community.

Our work is based on advising and assisting local parishes and church councils, pastors, deans, deacons, and organizations - the broad church network in Denmark, particularly those who want to meet their new Danish neighbors, learn more about immigration and integration, or create open events in the church that can bring people together across cultures, faiths and traditions.