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What we do

What we do

Our aim is to make the church more conscious and inclusive of migrants and to help it to act.

Danish Migrant Network works like a resource-center with connections to both ecclesiastical and local networks, as well as experts in migration and integration. We are a coordinated effort that brings together these connections to help local congregations create space and openness in the church for people with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds than Danish.

How we work

  • Ideas – for integration projects and areas that a church or organization can arrange or work with, either locally or in a wider collaboration via municipal or regional partnerships.
  • Knowledge sharing - of immigration, asylum and integration experiences from both Denmark and Europe - from national overviews and statistics to completely local stories and best practices.
  • Networking - contact with church and intercultural groups and people, as well as experts and civil society. We regularly keep in touch with a lot of experienced people in the area of ​​immigration and asylum.

The way we operate is primarily through our networks. We have a decentral approach and have local coordinators througouht the Danish Church’s local parishes, regional offices, and dioceses. We work through the already existing structures in the national church, while also expanding the network when we meet new partners.

Who does what

  • Local coordinators: Local clergy and cross-cultural staff who are available for help, guidance and support in the local parishes. These resourceful people meet regularly in a nationwide network to exchange experiences from their daily work in meeting migrants. Our role is to help them with administrative and professional challenges.
  • National coordinators: Provide overall sparring and strategy, focusing on the regional and intercultural needs, which are best resolved centrally across the operational structure of the Danish Church. We highlight local needs, organize meetings and inspire local congregations to engage in working with refugees and immigrants living in Denmark.
  • Experts: Organizations, researchers and consultants specializing in immigration, church affairs, legal or administrative approaches to migration in Denmark. The experts contribute concrete knowledge and guidance on how the church can function better, as it moves towards a more open and inclusive approach to migrants.