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Internationalt økumenisk seminar


Om seminaret:
Modern societies are pluralistic—not only in a religious sense, but in this sense as well. The three great monotheistic​​ religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in particular​​ often occur within the same countries and live together. In​​ addition, there are​​ differences between​​ groups within the​​ respective religions.​​ Classical ecumenism​​ in the Christian​​ domain is concerned​​ with denominational​​ divisions and seeks to​​ overcome them. But​​ also Judaism, Islam,​​ and even Buddhism​​ know internal​​ divisions and conflicts that separate believers from each​​ other. In particular, the internal Islamic conflict between​​ Sunnis and Shiites has been, like in Christianity’s separation​​ between Protestants and Catholics, often bloody.​​ How can conflicts be overcome in the coexistence​​ of different confessional families within one religion,​​ or between different religions in one area? Is there an​​ inner connection between Christian ecumenical work and​​ interreligious dialogue, like Islam could lead it? Is it possible​​ to learn from the innerreligious work of other religions​​ to help in one’s own? Are the methods of dialogue and​​ models of unity transferable?​​ The Seminar will seek to pursue these questions and​​ their solutions, as well as attempting to think in new​​ ways. The aim is to make an exciting attempt to bring​​ ecumenism and interfaith dialogue toward that which both​​ are committed to: dialogue. For this purpose, speakers of​​ various religions and confessions will come to Strasbourg to​​ discuss the topic in lectures and discussions.​​
Pris for seminar incl kost og logi: 750 Euro.
Man kan tilmelde sig frem til 8. april 2020 hos Elke Leypold, tlf +33 (0)3 88 15 25 75
Mail StrasEcum@ecumenical-institute.org

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