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Webinar: The meaning of baptism in our time. Where are the resources for a contemporary baptismal theology?


Anna-Karin Hammar, Rev. Dr., Church of Sweden, annakarin.hammar @ svenskakyrkan.se SE Harald Hegstad, Professor in systematic theology, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, NO harald.hegstad @ mf.no Niels Henrik Gregersen, University of Copenhagen, nhg @ teol.ku.dk, DK Pekka Metso, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, School of Theology, Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland pekka.metso @ uef.fi
Chair: Jyri Komulainen

A traditional theology of baptism does not always make sense to people today. Ideas of salvation, eternal life, forgiveness of sins etc is often difficult to connect to daily life experiences. A promise of salvation for those who are baptized raises the question for the status of the non-baptized. Are there resources in a theology of creation that can be exploited for a more relevant baptismal theology? And how can the conversation with ecumenicalpartners be helpful, for example with Orthodox theologians?

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