Atheist campaign urges to quit church membership

The number of people leaving the church approaches the numbers in 2012 during the same sex marriage discussions. … Læs mere

Easter 2016 #forgive #happyeaster

Bishops want to take Easter back to the church through new language and meaningful conversation… Læs mere

New report reveals growth in church-school relations

The first “church school service” started in 1992. Now 80 % of the country is covered by the initiative.… Læs mere

Join Heavenly Days 2016

Ecumenical church festival in Copenhagen during Ascension weekend, 5th- 8th May.… Læs mere

The Ministry of Integration invites civil society to participate

The Church can play an important role in the integration of refugees into Danish society… Læs mere

Danish Delegation Moved by Refugee Situation in Athens

On 6th-8th December a delegation of three Danish politicians, Bishop of Copenhagen Peter Skov-Jakobsen and Pastor Niels Nymann Eriksen visited Athens to get first hand impressions of the refugee situation by meeting church partners and observing grass roots work… Læs mere

Rural Church Focus Gains Momentum

More than half of all parishes in Denmark are located in rural areas with only 13 percent of the population. Like in all of Europe the national church in Denmark is undergoing radical demographic changes due to urbanisation. … Læs mere

Denmark – a Christian Country? 

Discussions of the government’s description of Denmark as a “Christian country” show a renewed focus on cultural war… Læs mere

Churches in Front with Integration Initiatives

The urgent need for basic humanitarian assistance to refugees in Denmark is limited, but an increasing number of churches are involved in integration initiatives in the camps.… Læs mere

New bishop of Aarhus

Henrik Wigh-Poulsen enters the office as the fifth new ELCD-bishop in three years.… Læs mere

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